Does Summer Air Hurt Your Eyes?

Does Summer Air Hurt Your Eyes?All over the world, the air quality has been dropping- it is all due to the increased pollution and less and other factors that lead to bad air. When ozone levels in the air hikes, the air deteriorates. Thus, it can end up hurting some of them who might feel their eyes are more vulnerable to such air pollution. And, this not only hurts your eyes but also makes the overall life discomforting and hectic.

Of course, there is no overnight magic that can clear up the air pollution. However, there are simple ways by which you can prevent hurting your eyes.

What’s up with the air?
When we talk about air pollution, it is mainly about the depleting ozone layer and the increased harmful gases in the air. This not only harms the health of the lungs but also makes it difficult for the eyes. Even though all the gases are just odorless, colorless, they are not at all harmless.

The reasons beyond are: pollution emitted by the gases, power plants, broilers, manufacturing factories, refineries, chemical factories, and other sources that react in the presence of other factors.

How to protect eyes?
Lungs are not the only parts that are hurt or damaged while talking about pollution. The effects of the pollution on the eye may be symptomatic or may not be. However, chronic discomfort and eye irritation regularly or too frequently is common. For those who wear contact lenses, the pollution can be even more adverse to the eyes. Prefer to wear glasses instead if your eyes are vulnerable to pollution.

You can splash your eyes once you feel a little discomfort. But, if the condition worsens, make sure to visit and talk to your eye doctor immediately. Maybe you need some rewetting drops or another set of contact lenses- a thorough analysis or your eye examination can say what your eyes need.

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